Barrhead Bombers and North Legacy Warriors Announce Affiliation Agreement

by Charlie Manning

As a follow up to the CAJHL announcement with the Premier Hockey League (PHL) in June of this year. The Barrhead Bombers have signed an agreement to affiliate with the North Legacy Warriors. We see this partnership as a great opportunity to help develop young players as they take their path to a higher level of hockey. The Warriors player development program and the Bombers player development program align on various levels and is the reason why our two teams have decided on this affiliation.

We have had some really great conversations around what is the real goal behind the development program and how does this work to empower these young players into better people, better citizens and better hockey players! It's not just about winning games or ensuring your top guys move on... The program is in place so that all players get the attention they require and have a game plan for what they will do next. This includes college, university, semi -pro, pro and for some it may mean starting their next stage without continuing to play high level hockey.  

"We are very excited about this partnership with the Warriors and Dave Oakes" says Aly Virani General Manager of the Bombers.  

Coach Mario was asked what he thought about the new affiliation? "The new partnership between the Barrhead Bombers (CAJHL) and the Warriors Hockey Club (PHL) instantly offers opportunities for those athletes looking to take the next step. I'm excited to work with Dave Oakes and North Legacy Hockey to open a stream for players to gain experience and exposure at the highest levels of Junior Hockey in Alberta. For young athletes in the PHL, this awards a connection to the next stage of their careers and hopefully leads to Collegiate & Pro placement for kids coming through both programs."